Parfait Human Resource Information System

This HRIS System is created by experienced industry practitioners, dedicated developers and human resource consultants. We can solve problems with Multiple Shifts with different rules for Executive, Manager, Supervisor and Employees. Our solution is tailor fit.

System Features:

  • Web Based Payroll (Cloud Ready)
  • Free MySQL Database
  • Can run on Linux, Windows or Mac Operating Systems
  • WAN/LAN/Single Connection Ready
  • Designed for Philippines Settings
  • Unlimited Number of Employees
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Ready for Multiple Divisions, Departments, Branches or Cost Centers
  • Comprehensive paperless 201 File (Personal Records, Contact Details, Licenses, Spouse, Dependents, Educational Attainment, Employment Records, Trainings Attended, Work Experience, Emergency Contact, Disciplinary Records, Document Records
  • Sick Leave and Vacation Leave Tracking
  • Importation of Master File and 201 File via Microsoft Excel Format
  • Automation of Alerts for Birthday Celebrants, Employees on Leave and Employees with Ending Contracts
  • Passport, VISA, License Tracking with Email Alert
  • Salary History
  • Personalized company forms (Certificate of Employment, Contribution and Loan Payments, Employment Contracts, Payslip, Memo)
  • Photo Booth for Employee Profile Picture

Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Online Leave Filing and Approval with email alert
  • Online Overtime Filing and Approval with email alert
  • Online Official Business Filing and Approval with email alert
  • Online Undertime Filing and Approval with email alert
  • Online Viewing of DTR

Time and Attendance

  • Schedules of each employee’s work/restdays including personal settings of holidays can be set and may be copied to selected employees. It can permit setting of 2/3/4/5/6 days work-week. It accomodates flexible schedule that fits even broken schedules such as those in food chains, hospitals, etc. Customize your time and attendance set-up according to your company rules and policy
  • Importation of Daily Attendance Records
  • User Maintainable Schedule and Shift Table
  • Can be linked with any Timekeeping Device (via upload)
  • Customizable Timekeeping Policy
  • Calendar Type Employee Scheduler
  • Importation of Master File and 201 File
  • Holiday Table
  • OT Authorization and Approval
  • Incomplete In/Out Monitoring
  • Breaktime In/Out monitoring
  • Absences and Tardiness Frequency Report
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Absences and Tardiness Report

Leave Module

  • On-line leave application
  • SL/VL Monitoring

OB Module

  • On-line Official Business application
  • Official Business Monitoring

OT Module

  • On-line Overtime application
  • Overtime Monitoring

UT Module

  • On-line Undertime application
  • Undertime Monitoring

Report Module

  • More than 25 reports including Personal Data Sheet (PDS)